Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Truth

Truth comes from the heart
There, God smiles
Humbly for you and I
Don't study your mind
Go stright to the source
And look deep inside
Today I will sing during my prayer times
I will pray during my songs
Come join
When the words melt
What is left of you
But your name
To guarantee everything
Falls short of guarantying
your own death
Life is not certain
The glory is in the must
Thus dying becomes a king
So, stop pretending
Consider you will be
with whoever or no one
What is the point
Ask yourself that
Then meet me there
On the shore

Monday, October 01, 2007

Saying Good Bye

How many times she asked
How many times he answered
How many times they let alone
Their feelings after
How many of her smiles he remembers
Her voice still echos
In his ears laughter
Does love really exist
She asked
What can he say
The heart can only answer
When you see a lover, stop searching
He maybe counting leafs
Or standing naked on the beach
Looking for an answer
When you find a lover
Ask him for the secret pouch
For the magic potion
And accept a smile in wonder
Perhaps money can buy
Pay for that you ask
The heart knows not
The meaning of danger
Even the sunset is different now
The moon looks sad
The clouds higher
And the birds
Forever gone
She wanted to say her last good byes
A moment short for all the eternity
Together they smiled one more time
Perhaps it wasn't meant to be
Perhaps the taste of wine
On her lips was meant
For another

Monday, September 10, 2007

No matter what

No matter what you say
I still love you
Each and every way
No matter what you do
I still adore you
Everywhere you go
No matter where you end
I will follow you
Always to the
My love
My only one
Truly the one
In my heart

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When the self speaks

I Am the self
I have no one ever
I am everyone
Your inner and outer
I am the self
I am the He
The She
The It in your sentence
Don't bind me to your religion
Don't label me with your decision
I am the self
Here to remember
I am Moses on the mountain
I am Jesus when he opened his heart
I am Mohammad when he said his Koran
I am whoever I want
I am a sinner
Your worst nightmare
Your self pinner
I am you when you are anger
Don't label me with your definition
Time itself will go under
Grab me not, like thin air
I will vanish before you figure
Talk to me and you will find
You were talking to everyone
Conversations, treasures
Beauties and wonder

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Learning to love

I'm learning to love,
My love
Give me a chance
I'm learning to say your name out loud,
My love
Give me a chance
Today, tomorrow don't matter
The daylight is your hair
The night is your touch
I'm learning to spell two words
Your name and mine
In one sentence
On the sand
I'm learning to love, my love
Teach me, take my hands
Drown with me
And let me kiss you
On the lips, nose
And ears
I'm here to learn, tell me more
Whisper closer in my ears
Tell me you love me
Louder I can't hear
I'm learning to love,
My love
Give me a chance

Friday, August 24, 2007


Words of sexual freedom forbidden
In utter numbness, hidden
Without it you wouldn't be risen
Strange things happened
When you smile it is accepted
When you laugh more the merrier
Free is one thing everyone agrees
Yet you speak a word of pleasure
Frown everyone be
Monks and priests
Shaved heads, beards ridden
Fantasy of utter weirdness
Sexual beings should be labeled sinners
Restricting oneself from what.. I wonder
Can't they see your flow of energy
The love between creatures
Love, Love not jealousy
Sex for others mistaken for all that you can be
Forgetting joy, the premiere of life in front of Thee
Bless can be found everywhere an eye can see
Don't matter if you are climbing a tree
Or in the labs of a being lovely
No reason to choose
When you can have it all, believe you me
This world has given you all to experience
Live this life you don't have an eternity
Your body now, a gift with nature temporarily
The oneness in all beings created equally
To be touched, felt, enjoyed, ultimately
We are children of God in the literal sense
Blessed may you be

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Struggle Within

Struggling within to find the light
Perhaps this is your choice
To be born or not
Yet, here and now flow
While time passes by
Who are you and who am I
Don't ponder for long
Do, be still
To find the answer
Open your eyes wide
Fly like an eagle in the sky
Life is yours to enjoy
No one will help you
but your own magnificence within
So what is next lies with
What happened at yesterday's end
Where are we going,
You and I are the reason
For all that happened and felt
Many times you dreamed
Wanting to do this and that
Help everyone, or simply forget
Now, is another chance you get
To change your dream
Better it until the last breath
And once every few hundred years
Thousands or millennium
Short in the universe time period
You finally wake up.
Sometimes with a kick
But you will always
Appreciate all the mishaps you did

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Pray For You

I Pray for you,
My brothers and sisters
I pray for you
I pray for all you've gone through
And ask, you follow the path
The path that brings you joy
I pray for you
This world seems with no end
Yet with closed eyes
Your light shines
I pray for you
Looking beyond
Looking now
When future melts with past
I pray for you
Freedom is your birth
Love, compassion is yours to get
You create with your thought
Infinite worlds forever with no end
Perhaps I saw you once
This life or perhaps another passed
I honor you and love you
To let you choose your path
I pray for you

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Come

Keep your distance
I'm not into what you may believe
Some will risk and come,
Others will run with relief
Soft words fallen
Like rain in the distance
Far, yet you believe
I may not know the words
Nor the meanings behind
But the rhyme has always been unique
Your hurt and pain
Your laughter when all went in vein
When the heart aches
With longing, the screaming has never been the same
Where are you my dear
Hidden like Shams when Rumi found him thought by luck
And like the moon, suddenly He disappeared
Come to me, you in the far
I see it in your eyes,
rare in the dessert sky
Come and risk it all
Just come

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Story Of The Two

I swear
By what, she said
He said by your eyes that are haunting me everywhere
Not convinced demanding more
He said by your hair
by your smile
your taste
By your eyebrows
When you say, I love you
I love the earth
Beneath you
under your
By your mouth
When you come to my dreams
When I run after you like a faqir
When I jump the moment I hear your name
When my heart sink after you leave
When I need a smile to live
Day by day I swear
your are inside
me everyday
She said, don't be sad
I will send you two kisses
one in the morning and one at night
I will remember you when I eat
My food will be your thoughts
your crazy comments
your wild dance
your hands
Don't be
And that was the story of two lovers
That nothing could separate them from each other
Not the sea, sky nor land
The end, however is not precisely known
perhaps different in every time zone
maybe based on you, and maybe on her
that I am not really sure
but I know for a fact
they will always remain true
and their story will always be
a mystical experience to everyone it is told

Saturday, June 02, 2007

What can I do

What can I do,
When all I can see is you
What can I say
When your scent dances in front of me
Where will I go
When your shadow disappears only to reappear
Look at my eyes and tell me
I can still exist without you
Look at my hands and force me
To feel something other than you
Why are you sending me far places
When you know at the start my journey ends
Dance with me my sweet
Dance, let me see your hair
Turn around, show me your beauty
Let me drink one more glass
You long, I feel
You swear you'll never leave
I long, you cease
And the words flow endlessly

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Dancing Circle

Your hope is close or far if you may
there are countless ways
You don't need to be
A Muslim nor Jew
Nor a Christian
Or a bamboo
You don't need to be
Buddhist nor a monk
nor a preacher
in the dark
Come I will show you
How to count, No...
Not your blessings
But your grunts
Take my hand and let us dance
The air around us is waiting
The music has been too loud
Only if you take my hand
You will be able to see
What you call a self
But alas you keep
Going around in
Circles like
a nut
Two circles
Three and Four
How many more you will learn
The circle doesn't rotate
Only in the middle
When What or How
No..Don't ask!
Just take
my hand

Monday, May 21, 2007

On This Midnight Hour

on this midnight hour
I remembered you
next to me
you used to sit
It happened perhaps
In my imagination
Thrown like sand
In the wind
Soft music falling
Rain caressing the trees
Where have you been, tonight
Now and yesterday
Here and there
I write your name
On the sand of
This midnight hour

The Magic Table

"As the sun simmers with heat
You will find treasures underneath"
The message was clear
It came to him as he laid down
Head on the center, hands open
on the big magic table
He shared his message
And from that day
Every time his son played the violin
The table gave him one dollar to many
Years passed
Who knows how many more
The table will give
Until the day truth to his son will be hissed
Mysteries and fairy tales
We live them everyday
Play with your past
Laugh at all the details
How can all be shown
The infinite sea can't stop its flow
You will die once you are bored
To come back as a child playing with baby dolls
Until then, here is one fairy I was told

"Open your arms wide, stretch to the floor
And when your prayers are answered, thank the day you are born"

Monday, April 16, 2007

Quote from the Buddha

If, in your course, you don't meet your equal, your better, then continue your course, firmly, alone.
There's no fellowship with fools...The Buddha

Friday, April 13, 2007

What is the most important thing you've got?

I woke up early couple of days ago, around 4:30, my mind was heavy with great buzz. The question was clear, what is the most important thing you've got? What is it? is it God? what do you know of God? Have you seen him? For you God is a Mythology, a theory, a belief system, a word you flip it and becomes Dog! You are trained to seek God but what do you have Now that you most value and experience? Not tomorrow not after a week, NOW!

Is it your job? your money? your family? your desires? your seeking? All these are nothing but contemporary existence of your choosing, sooner or later reality will change and the lake will be calm.

The only thing you ever had and will always have..is your Freedom...
You are a free being,
Experience this freedom till the last drop,
It is who you really are,
Free to laugh,
Free to cry,
Free to be happy or choose to feel sad,
Scream it out, Shatter the misery myth,
Live it out without any hesitation,
You are a free being and your essence is made of free stuff
Don't settle for anything less
Cherish it,
Preserve it,
Guard it with all you've got
And when you fully experience this
Remember, it is like a labyrinth
In a way it is an intrigue
In another it is forever
But expand it more
And know more
For that
Is your

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love Quote...

"She gathers me, man, The pieces that I am. She gathers them and gives them back to me In all the right order." Toni Morrison

"I have spread my dreams beneath your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." W.B. Yeats

"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet". Plato

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Easter

Friend sent me these pics, aren't they adorable? The other question, how can man get himself to harm these animals..I don't know..anyways enjoy the pics, click on each to enlarge :)

The Wizard and The Love Circles

In his way, he took out a tree branch and with it he started drawing in the sand a circle within bigger, then within bigger one until several were drawn, then he drew an outside circle and again several bigger circles around the smaller ones, when the wizard was done, there was a scene similar when several small rocks are thrown into a lake… Toto was passing by, he sat next to the wizard and the following conversation tool place:

Toto..: Good morning it is a beautiful sun rise

Wizard.: I see you are in good mood.
yes… I am… I feel very good.
That is the problem…
Why master?
Would you find the scene beautiful if the sun hurt your eyes? Or caused you pain? Would still feel the same?
I think not.
That is the problem…. (Looking at the sand again)…
I am completely lost…
Yes, you are… but so are many.
Can you help me understand?
It is about love...
As usual… but what s wrong with what I said…?
When you love you start from where you are going out.. then and only then you should change territories.
I think I need more hints…
How many people have you met that are happy with other people, but with their own they’re not, how many changed their mother tongue and are only proud of their new language, how many take on a new religion and make fun of the their previous one… how many ?
Most did one or more of this…
love, my dear one, is born with you, no differentiation of who and what part of the universe you happen to be… you must learn how to love that first…Then you can go on loving others.
And when that doesn’t happen…?
your whole life becomes seeking a mirage... something unreal... waste of time..
But I know many who don’t like their roommates, brothers who can’t stand each others, husbands and wives that have different paths, countries that have rulers that destroyed them and forced their people to leave… if all these people remained together because one need to love another.. There will be much more suffering in this world.
I never said that they should remain where they are, but when they decide to leave, love should always remain.
I understand…
This is the rule of the universe… it is called “The circles of love”
Oh… what you were drawing in the sand
I see… isolated circles all around, and within them there is other circles, we are born in the central of one of these circles, and each one have many circles around him…
And your mission in this game is to cover all the circles… starting from your own, expanding outward, when all your circles are completed only then you should jump to another and another until you become every circle that was ever drawn.

Toto felt a rush of love in his heart, thanked the wizard, and left walking on the sand next to the circles…he thought to himself, he was all over the place covered few circles here and there, his first mistake was he jumped from his circles to others without completing his own first… Oh.. how much suffering this brought about… but now he understands.. now he understands.

The wizard looked at Toto with tears in his eyes, then stood up, wiped out all the circles and looked lovingly at the sun.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ishaya Meditation..another form of meditation

I just got a CD from a friend of mine (Thank you Yasmin!) .
The CD was handed to me by someone in a church where I go for another type of meditations Created by Osho.

The representative who handed the CD to me asked me, why do you need that? don't you do your own form of meditation?

Another misunderstanding people have about meditation...

Not only do I participate in Osho type of meditations but I participate in Muslim Sufi type Meditation, Traditional Muslim type meditation, Buddhist type meditation, Kundalini type meditation, Sahaja Yoga type meditation and many others...In fact there is a form of meditation that is mostly formed of just dancing. You get so absorbed with the dance that it makes no difference if you were sitting idle or moving.

The job or the essence of meditation is to go there..to that "space"... that blissful state of mind..to be here in the moment..in the now!

In fact once you participate in any form of meditation with the right understanding for long time, you can easily understand other types of meditations. If you do and still don't understand this point, you got a looong way to go.

This actually relates to one post I wrote earlier (The Game the continuos search of perfection). There is NO specific Best Technique. The street fighter knows that pretty well. In meditation it is exactly the same. Once you reach that "space" it is all you want, how you get there, it s not important, it is just a form of entertainment :)

The myth of tolerance

In today's' society's, societies pride themselves on being "tolerant" to each other.

In Christian countries, Christians should be Tolerant to Muslims, in Muslim societies Muslims should be tolerant to Christians and Jews, in Jews societies the Jews should be tolerant to Palestinians, on the other side the Palestinians should be Tolerant to Jews... Do you see the problem??
Each one of these groups feel superior to the other therefore, they need to tolerate them.

I remember being asked when I first came to Canada, are you guys tolerant to Jews and Christians? I never expected this kind of question! My best friend is Christian and he works in a Jews area, trading with them all the time. We never paused and thought, let s be "tolerant" to each other! Because WE ARE each other. We know the paths are different, but that what adds flavour to life.

People shouldn't be "Tolerant" to each others, they should BE each other. No one is superior to anyone else. Your religion is your decision. As long you are happy and I am happy, that is really all that matters.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Mother Day

I was just so busy last week, Here is for all mothers, or future mothers :) we love you all..Happy mother day

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Islam The Religion Of Love

It was 5 o'clock in the morning, thoughts and images flooding my mind, gotta write this before I forget...Why and what brought these ideas? I don't know. Nevertheless it is interesting to just write them down.

Love manifests itself in Islam ALL OVER.

Here are few examples:

1) The first and oddly so, The form of burial
Body gets washed like you are going to a wedding, isn't that amazing?
The body gets wrapped in cotton sheets full of nice fragrance. Why so?
It is because of our appreciation and Love for this vehicle, the body, that took us for this ride on planet earth. Without it how can we experience what we have experienced.
The body is buried humbly with love and gratitude back to mother earth.
If we are so grateful for the dead body, imagine how much we should be honoring our own bodies while we are alive? We really need to do that. Eat proper, maybe Organic food, control our feelings and state of mind, aim to be happy, exercise well and above all love ourselves and accept our physics.

2) All prayers in Islam start with Gratitude
Have you seen the movie "The Secret"? The first thing you have to do before you form any desire toward the universe is to be grateful.
In Islam, the first thing is "Alhamdulelah"; Thank you god.

3) The profit muhammed was humble and kind, his voice was so soft that in the prayer when he preached there was always one next to him to shout the words to the crowd.

4) Salam is a form of salutation. It means Peace. When you meet someone you say peace and when you leave you say peace. You can also be more lengthy and say Salam U Alaikum, Peace be upon you..

The time where Islam is considered a harsh religion, an unjust religion, a violent religion, this time is gone. The sheikhs (priests) who are teaching thousands years old interpretations need to reconsider. Islam is love manifested. This is the way to the divine. Like I talked about before. There are 2 ways to the divine through your heart and through your mind. Through the mind is a technique mastered by calming the mind down and with great focus achieving amazing tranquility and thus leaving the brain ready to receive divine energy, this technique assumes you are the only one that exists until everything else dissolve in you. Islam's technique is through the heart, you only have love and gratitude, you no longer exist only god does, thus dissolving slowly in god's energy. This can be very clear in the writing of Rumi.

Later after these thoughts, I went to sleep again, I saw a dream where I was in a Synagogue. I asked the people there where do you guys pray, they told me right here pointing forward. I looked and there was this big hall with beautiful coverings on the wall. I said thanks and they replied with words I didn't understand, perhaps thank you in their language (I just remember it starts with the letter S). I took one incense and went and sat there on a wooden bench, it is exactly the same feeling, people here are happy and full of gratitude just like anywhere of worship. Another thing I noticed, some words are similar, Arabic like, even the writing I could distinguish some Arabic fonts, we are from the same origin, it is just so obvious I could touch it! I just love these people like my own, in fact they are! We are all one, same origin, same taste, same approach to the divine..we need to be one again, love each other again and share again..The incense was placed on my side and as it disappeared my dream disappeared with it...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't wait..

The sky is open
For you
Don't wait
Consider all the changes
Everything you like or hate
A watering of a flower
As beautiful as you
Need no more than a love song or two
When the petals start opening
And the angles on your sides
Start dancing
For you
Don't wait
Start loving now
For what all this beautiful universe
Created but for eyes
Like yours
Don't waste
The future is bright
Inside you treasures
More than you could ever imagine
Just for you
Why be afraid?
Go on and be free
Miles a way
Someone is looking with love
Your way
Don't wait

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Be a light

Be a light
For all to see
Be a light
When it is dark for me
Be a light
Shine magnificently
Be a light
When times are rough
Be a light
Nothing means much
Be a light
For all to see
Be a light
For you and me

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Univeral Law to take an advantage of

What you resist persist

      What you look at disappears

Donald Walsch, Conversations With God

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sami Yusuf's love to the prophet

Beautiful voice, full of love and harmony...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting to the divine thru your nose..somehow literally :)

During my meditation last week, I choose to say (silently) the sentence "Who Am I" with every breath. Later during the meditation the following word came to me: ANF (See scanned image).
In arabic this means nose. I understood the message. In meditation it is important to pay attention to your breath. Good, the message then stresses simply on this principle, pay attention to your breath, this will reduce thoughts in the brain, which opens the gate to the divine. But after few minutes I had the feeling to flip the word backward. So Anf became Fna Or in Arabic it means to completely dissolve. In Sufism this is very common word used as the last and most ambition target of all. To dissolve in the divine. You loose your identity and become one with the divine.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nice poem during relaxing time

This happened few years back, I was sitting on the train completely relaxed and concentrating on the breath, then all of a sudden I saw this poem show up slowly slowly in front of me (see..I told u I was really weird!)..

To share it with you, I wrote it on piece of paper and scan it since i don't have arabic keys on my keyboard.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A love mystery

If I tell you I missed you
Would you believe me
If I tell you now I loved your every step
and every touch
After cloudy days
I still follow you today
Like a shadow
In the rain
Silence is one way
To send my love to you
One song at a time
one breath
Don't tell me my fate
I refuse to accept
Like a fighter
Thirsty for an end
Perhaps your perfume is one way to remind me of you
Perhaps your dark hair manifested itself deep in my brain
Perhaps your eyes opened a new path to my heart,
Or maybe...you always remained hidden there in the past
My touch of you will never last
Yet today, I still can feel you
Far apart, still can smell you
Without expectation

Friday, February 09, 2007

When I die..Poem by Rumi

when my coffin
is being taken out
you must never think
I am missing this world

don't shed any tears
don't lament or feel sorry
I'm not falling
into a monster's abyss

when you see
my corpse is being carried
don't cry for my leaving
I'm not leaving
I'm arriving at eternal love

when you leave me
in the grave
don't say goodbye
remember a grave is
only a curtain
for the paradise behind

you'll only see me
descending into a grave
now watch me rise
how can there be an end
when the sun sets or
the moon goes down

it looks like the end
it seems like a sunset
but in reality it is a dawn
when the grave locks you up
that is when your soul is freed

Have you ever seen
a seed fallen to earth
not rise with a new life
why should you doubt the rise
of a seed named human

have you ever seen
a bucket lowered into a well
coming back empty
why lament for a soul
when it can come back
like Joseph from the well

when for the last time
you close your mouth
your words and soul
will belong to the world of
no place no time

Rumi is a poet and Spiritual Sufi Master. His work was written in Persian and translated to many languages world wide. The translation looses the spirit of poetry but the essence remains.

Meditation part II

This meditation is made to ensure you recharge your life force and simply to relax.

This involves a specific way of breathing by moving the Stomach instead of your chest. If you watch an infant on his back breathing during sleep you will find that his stomach goes up and down not his chest. However the ability to relax into this breathing habit gets reduced while we grow up. To relearn it, you can start by sitting on a chair straight with your feet apart and breath. While you breath-in push gently your stomach outward. At the beginning if may feel artificial but after few days it will start being a normal habit.

Now, for the energizing part, lay down without any pillow or anything to elevate your head, it is also advisable to cover your body. The cover of the body actually is advisable during any meditation. Because the relaxation opens up the pores of your skin and you may invite un-wanted energy or simply cold.

Now, make sure there is absolutely no noise (you can use ear-muff if you like), and envision the air going down while your stomach goes up (You can place your hands on your stomach to feel how it is going up and down), then envision the air leaving you while you breath out... that is it. If you find that you are so relaxed that you want to sleep, that is perfect but don't change position. Stay on your back with no pillow.

When the energy circulates the body very well, you will feel warm or hot air going into your stomach..you can't mistake that when it happens. So keep noticing for that and if it does happen, just remain relaxed and keep the same concentration on the breath..

Usually I do this after the end of working day, I start the breathing and sometimes I feel the hot air and then end up snoozing for about 5 minutes, I get up once the body is filled just like a battery being charged and ready to continue an active afternoon..

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life Of Buddha

My Summary or points I liked about this movie:

Nice review, featuring Dali Lama and historians.

1) The emphasis that the Buddha was just a normal person, despite of apparent few myths. These myths mostly have symbolic gestures.

2) During meditation, Prince Siddhartha's meeting with his darkest consciousness, what s called Mara. This Mara basically will try to throw your concentration away by giving you stories or such that are perceived during meditation as pure reality. This is what is called in Islam, I believe, "Shaitan" or Devil. Thus this Devilish thing exist only inside us and part of us although we usually don't distinguish it during our daily lives. However, when meditating for long time, it will come.

Note.. I took out few paragraphs to make it short and sweet :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Mother Earth..Please forgive us

It poured rain today
Wonderful smell in the air
A simple thanks won't do
Come, raise your hands
Pleasure all yours
Would this earth stand
Human negligence
Without her
Would we stand
You have given us
All that we need
Heaven in your blue sky
colors and trees
Yet we forget
Selfishness and stupidity
Please forgive us
Please forgive us

Friday, January 12, 2007

100 Words Formula For All Of Life

Hope is the doorway to belief, is the
Doorway to knowing,
knowing is the doorway to
creation and Creation is the doorway to

Experience is the doorway to expression,
expression is the doorway to becoming,
becoming is the activity of all of life and the
only function of god

What you hope, you will eventually believe,
what you believe you will eventually know,
what you know, you will eventually create,
what you create, youwill eventually

experience, What you eventually experience, you will
eventually express, what you express you will
eventually become.

This is the formual for all of life.

"Home with God" - Neale Donald Walsch

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Death, a new beginning or a dead-end?

One says
Life ends
you loose everything you've got
All your money
Your partner and all that good sex
what you painted and what you wrote
What you learned and what you taught
Your ambitions and your dreams
All gone
In a blink of an eye
Nothing, simple darkness
Dissolved forever
Like a leaf
And leafs fall
Sooner or later
You will die forever
And be forgotten
This is happening all around you
Nothing lasts forever
Everything that is born dies
Don't be a fool
One day your eyes will close
Pitch darkness waiting for you
To suck you down
Somewhere where no one knows
Yet another says
Death is a beginning
A new life
Decisions to make
New planning to take place
Material ambitions don't matter
In that unseen word
Your true self shines better
If you haven't figured it out
New birth you will get
To see and experience all again
For as long as you want
What was it you admired last time around
Did you love that blond
The rough sex on the beach
The taste of beer
Taste of everything sweet
Life is all yours
Use it or abuse it
You are completely free
Run and scream
Open your arms
Breath all the air you need
Live and don't worry about death
Laugh even when you take your last sigh
Soon after you close your eyes
You will be glad
Your body will no longer matter
Two scenarios
Both are true
Or so it seems
Another decision to make my dear
Do I know
Hell, No
I am a simple man
Or at least
Trying to be

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Open Invitation

Suddenly you get hit with a peaceful wave
Rumbling through your being
Caressing your self
The answer is clear
Don't search for god
Search for your self
Your identity may not be what you attempt
My friend in journey
I am thrilled to have you with me
Let us go for a drink
The river is close by
Swim or drink to your fullest
The river is always here
Our journey may not last
What is important is to find the key
The door is there for all to see
Thousands paths and only one
Find it alone or with help of a friend
Angles and gods I haven't seen
Only with closed eyes
I came close
No tools required much
Open your inner eyes
Experience you won't believe
Only Then Speak
With love, appreciation and respect
Join me on my quest
For You and I may just be grand one