Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life Of Buddha

My Summary or points I liked about this movie:

Nice review, featuring Dali Lama and historians.

1) The emphasis that the Buddha was just a normal person, despite of apparent few myths. These myths mostly have symbolic gestures.

2) During meditation, Prince Siddhartha's meeting with his darkest consciousness, what s called Mara. This Mara basically will try to throw your concentration away by giving you stories or such that are perceived during meditation as pure reality. This is what is called in Islam, I believe, "Shaitan" or Devil. Thus this Devilish thing exist only inside us and part of us although we usually don't distinguish it during our daily lives. However, when meditating for long time, it will come.

Note.. I took out few paragraphs to make it short and sweet :)


Dareen said...

Nice coincident. I have his quote on my blog..and u write about him :)

Mone said...

quite interesting in deed :)