Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A love mystery

If I tell you I missed you
Would you believe me
If I tell you now I loved your every step
and every touch
After cloudy days
I still follow you today
Like a shadow
In the rain
Silence is one way
To send my love to you
One song at a time
one breath
Don't tell me my fate
I refuse to accept
Like a fighter
Thirsty for an end
Perhaps your perfume is one way to remind me of you
Perhaps your dark hair manifested itself deep in my brain
Perhaps your eyes opened a new path to my heart,
Or maybe...you always remained hidden there in the past
My touch of you will never last
Yet today, I still can feel you
Far apart, still can smell you
Without expectation


Dareen said...

beautiful mone.

Iktibla hel poem 3a wara2a & send it to her!! read my Valentine's post.... ;) Inshala you'll have a great evening ma3a 7abeebtak!

Mone said...