Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Mother Day

I was just so busy last week, Here is for all mothers, or future mothers :) we love you all..Happy mother day

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Islam The Religion Of Love

It was 5 o'clock in the morning, thoughts and images flooding my mind, gotta write this before I forget...Why and what brought these ideas? I don't know. Nevertheless it is interesting to just write them down.

Love manifests itself in Islam ALL OVER.

Here are few examples:

1) The first and oddly so, The form of burial
Body gets washed like you are going to a wedding, isn't that amazing?
The body gets wrapped in cotton sheets full of nice fragrance. Why so?
It is because of our appreciation and Love for this vehicle, the body, that took us for this ride on planet earth. Without it how can we experience what we have experienced.
The body is buried humbly with love and gratitude back to mother earth.
If we are so grateful for the dead body, imagine how much we should be honoring our own bodies while we are alive? We really need to do that. Eat proper, maybe Organic food, control our feelings and state of mind, aim to be happy, exercise well and above all love ourselves and accept our physics.

2) All prayers in Islam start with Gratitude
Have you seen the movie "The Secret"? The first thing you have to do before you form any desire toward the universe is to be grateful.
In Islam, the first thing is "Alhamdulelah"; Thank you god.

3) The profit muhammed was humble and kind, his voice was so soft that in the prayer when he preached there was always one next to him to shout the words to the crowd.

4) Salam is a form of salutation. It means Peace. When you meet someone you say peace and when you leave you say peace. You can also be more lengthy and say Salam U Alaikum, Peace be upon you..

The time where Islam is considered a harsh religion, an unjust religion, a violent religion, this time is gone. The sheikhs (priests) who are teaching thousands years old interpretations need to reconsider. Islam is love manifested. This is the way to the divine. Like I talked about before. There are 2 ways to the divine through your heart and through your mind. Through the mind is a technique mastered by calming the mind down and with great focus achieving amazing tranquility and thus leaving the brain ready to receive divine energy, this technique assumes you are the only one that exists until everything else dissolve in you. Islam's technique is through the heart, you only have love and gratitude, you no longer exist only god does, thus dissolving slowly in god's energy. This can be very clear in the writing of Rumi.

Later after these thoughts, I went to sleep again, I saw a dream where I was in a Synagogue. I asked the people there where do you guys pray, they told me right here pointing forward. I looked and there was this big hall with beautiful coverings on the wall. I said thanks and they replied with words I didn't understand, perhaps thank you in their language (I just remember it starts with the letter S). I took one incense and went and sat there on a wooden bench, it is exactly the same feeling, people here are happy and full of gratitude just like anywhere of worship. Another thing I noticed, some words are similar, Arabic like, even the writing I could distinguish some Arabic fonts, we are from the same origin, it is just so obvious I could touch it! I just love these people like my own, in fact they are! We are all one, same origin, same taste, same approach to the divine..we need to be one again, love each other again and share again..The incense was placed on my side and as it disappeared my dream disappeared with it...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't wait..

The sky is open
For you
Don't wait
Consider all the changes
Everything you like or hate
A watering of a flower
As beautiful as you
Need no more than a love song or two
When the petals start opening
And the angles on your sides
Start dancing
For you
Don't wait
Start loving now
For what all this beautiful universe
Created but for eyes
Like yours
Don't waste
The future is bright
Inside you treasures
More than you could ever imagine
Just for you
Why be afraid?
Go on and be free
Miles a way
Someone is looking with love
Your way
Don't wait