Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Be a light

Be a light
For all to see
Be a light
When it is dark for me
Be a light
Shine magnificently
Be a light
When times are rough
Be a light
Nothing means much
Be a light
For all to see
Be a light
For you and me

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Univeral Law to take an advantage of

What you resist persist

      What you look at disappears

Donald Walsch, Conversations With God

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sami Yusuf's love to the prophet

Beautiful voice, full of love and harmony...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Getting to the divine thru your nose..somehow literally :)

During my meditation last week, I choose to say (silently) the sentence "Who Am I" with every breath. Later during the meditation the following word came to me: ANF (See scanned image).
In arabic this means nose. I understood the message. In meditation it is important to pay attention to your breath. Good, the message then stresses simply on this principle, pay attention to your breath, this will reduce thoughts in the brain, which opens the gate to the divine. But after few minutes I had the feeling to flip the word backward. So Anf became Fna Or in Arabic it means to completely dissolve. In Sufism this is very common word used as the last and most ambition target of all. To dissolve in the divine. You loose your identity and become one with the divine.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nice poem during relaxing time

This happened few years back, I was sitting on the train completely relaxed and concentrating on the breath, then all of a sudden I saw this poem show up slowly slowly in front of me (see..I told u I was really weird!)..

To share it with you, I wrote it on piece of paper and scan it since i don't have arabic keys on my keyboard.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A love mystery

If I tell you I missed you
Would you believe me
If I tell you now I loved your every step
and every touch
After cloudy days
I still follow you today
Like a shadow
In the rain
Silence is one way
To send my love to you
One song at a time
one breath
Don't tell me my fate
I refuse to accept
Like a fighter
Thirsty for an end
Perhaps your perfume is one way to remind me of you
Perhaps your dark hair manifested itself deep in my brain
Perhaps your eyes opened a new path to my heart,
Or always remained hidden there in the past
My touch of you will never last
Yet today, I still can feel you
Far apart, still can smell you
Without expectation

Friday, February 09, 2007

When I die..Poem by Rumi

when my coffin
is being taken out
you must never think
I am missing this world

don't shed any tears
don't lament or feel sorry
I'm not falling
into a monster's abyss

when you see
my corpse is being carried
don't cry for my leaving
I'm not leaving
I'm arriving at eternal love

when you leave me
in the grave
don't say goodbye
remember a grave is
only a curtain
for the paradise behind

you'll only see me
descending into a grave
now watch me rise
how can there be an end
when the sun sets or
the moon goes down

it looks like the end
it seems like a sunset
but in reality it is a dawn
when the grave locks you up
that is when your soul is freed

Have you ever seen
a seed fallen to earth
not rise with a new life
why should you doubt the rise
of a seed named human

have you ever seen
a bucket lowered into a well
coming back empty
why lament for a soul
when it can come back
like Joseph from the well

when for the last time
you close your mouth
your words and soul
will belong to the world of
no place no time

Rumi is a poet and Spiritual Sufi Master. His work was written in Persian and translated to many languages world wide. The translation looses the spirit of poetry but the essence remains.

Meditation part II

This meditation is made to ensure you recharge your life force and simply to relax.

This involves a specific way of breathing by moving the Stomach instead of your chest. If you watch an infant on his back breathing during sleep you will find that his stomach goes up and down not his chest. However the ability to relax into this breathing habit gets reduced while we grow up. To relearn it, you can start by sitting on a chair straight with your feet apart and breath. While you breath-in push gently your stomach outward. At the beginning if may feel artificial but after few days it will start being a normal habit.

Now, for the energizing part, lay down without any pillow or anything to elevate your head, it is also advisable to cover your body. The cover of the body actually is advisable during any meditation. Because the relaxation opens up the pores of your skin and you may invite un-wanted energy or simply cold.

Now, make sure there is absolutely no noise (you can use ear-muff if you like), and envision the air going down while your stomach goes up (You can place your hands on your stomach to feel how it is going up and down), then envision the air leaving you while you breath out... that is it. If you find that you are so relaxed that you want to sleep, that is perfect but don't change position. Stay on your back with no pillow.

When the energy circulates the body very well, you will feel warm or hot air going into your can't mistake that when it happens. So keep noticing for that and if it does happen, just remain relaxed and keep the same concentration on the breath..

Usually I do this after the end of working day, I start the breathing and sometimes I feel the hot air and then end up snoozing for about 5 minutes, I get up once the body is filled just like a battery being charged and ready to continue an active afternoon..

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life Of Buddha

My Summary or points I liked about this movie:

Nice review, featuring Dali Lama and historians.

1) The emphasis that the Buddha was just a normal person, despite of apparent few myths. These myths mostly have symbolic gestures.

2) During meditation, Prince Siddhartha's meeting with his darkest consciousness, what s called Mara. This Mara basically will try to throw your concentration away by giving you stories or such that are perceived during meditation as pure reality. This is what is called in Islam, I believe, "Shaitan" or Devil. Thus this Devilish thing exist only inside us and part of us although we usually don't distinguish it during our daily lives. However, when meditating for long time, it will come.

Note.. I took out few paragraphs to make it short and sweet :)