Monday, September 10, 2007

No matter what

No matter what you say
I still love you
Each and every way
No matter what you do
I still adore you
Everywhere you go
No matter where you end
I will follow you
Always to the
My love
My only one
Truly the one
In my heart

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

When the self speaks

I Am the self
I have no one ever
I am everyone
Your inner and outer
I am the self
I am the He
The She
The It in your sentence
Don't bind me to your religion
Don't label me with your decision
I am the self
Here to remember
I am Moses on the mountain
I am Jesus when he opened his heart
I am Mohammad when he said his Koran
I am whoever I want
I am a sinner
Your worst nightmare
Your self pinner
I am you when you are anger
Don't label me with your definition
Time itself will go under
Grab me not, like thin air
I will vanish before you figure
Talk to me and you will find
You were talking to everyone
Conversations, treasures
Beauties and wonder

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Learning to love

I'm learning to love,
My love
Give me a chance
I'm learning to say your name out loud,
My love
Give me a chance
Today, tomorrow don't matter
The daylight is your hair
The night is your touch
I'm learning to spell two words
Your name and mine
In one sentence
On the sand
I'm learning to love, my love
Teach me, take my hands
Drown with me
And let me kiss you
On the lips, nose
And ears
I'm here to learn, tell me more
Whisper closer in my ears
Tell me you love me
Louder I can't hear
I'm learning to love,
My love
Give me a chance