Friday, June 08, 2007

The Story Of The Two

I swear
By what, she said
He said by your eyes that are haunting me everywhere
Not convinced demanding more
He said by your hair
by your smile
your taste
By your eyebrows
When you say, I love you
I love the earth
Beneath you
under your
By your mouth
When you come to my dreams
When I run after you like a faqir
When I jump the moment I hear your name
When my heart sink after you leave
When I need a smile to live
Day by day I swear
your are inside
me everyday
She said, don't be sad
I will send you two kisses
one in the morning and one at night
I will remember you when I eat
My food will be your thoughts
your crazy comments
your wild dance
your hands
Don't be
And that was the story of two lovers
That nothing could separate them from each other
Not the sea, sky nor land
The end, however is not precisely known
perhaps different in every time zone
maybe based on you, and maybe on her
that I am not really sure
but I know for a fact
they will always remain true
and their story will always be
a mystical experience to everyone it is told

Saturday, June 02, 2007

What can I do

What can I do,
When all I can see is you
What can I say
When your scent dances in front of me
Where will I go
When your shadow disappears only to reappear
Look at my eyes and tell me
I can still exist without you
Look at my hands and force me
To feel something other than you
Why are you sending me far places
When you know at the start my journey ends
Dance with me my sweet
Dance, let me see your hair
Turn around, show me your beauty
Let me drink one more glass
You long, I feel
You swear you'll never leave
I long, you cease
And the words flow endlessly