Monday, April 28, 2008

Love and Hate; the most powerful forces in the universe.

I believe that everything we do, every thought and every action is triggered by one of two forces, Love or Hate.

Pure love is the most constructive force, while hate is the most destructive of all.
Neither is good or bad, it is just how it is. I believe our minds are very unique of being able to choose between the two and it is never pure one way or the other all the time.

When you are in love, you are whole, you are enjoying life, your cells are happy, your digestive system is working well and everything looks like it is going in a surrender mode, the whole universe is a good place to be.

Pure love is not meant to be the romantic type, which is difficult for some to understand. In fact when you are in love, you don’t need anyone to love or share your feelings. It is a state of mind and you become the joy itself manifested, you know you exist now and that “Now” is the perfect place to be.

When you are in pure hate, everything looks hell. The universe is simply a hell place to be. Everyone is working against you, nothing works as it should be, you are a victim and you wish everyone would just disappear, or you may just want to end up your life “or others” and get this misery out once and for all.

Although we can engage in one of the extremes, it is more likely that we all go back and forth between the two forces, engaging one end more than the other and thus painting our perception of life based on that.

The westernized new age thoughts, such as the great writer Donald Walsch and many others, believe that there are 2 forces, Love and Fear. This seems to be a pure westerner idea or notion. In the east, Buddha was very clear of the three poisons which are Hate, Desire and Ignorance, fear is not there.

Even if we suggest that Fear is the underlying cause, then what we are doing is just putting the responsibility of our hate on an underlying cause. A very westernized approach. “You are not responsible, you have fear inside you”, or, “you need to feel secure and that will get rid of your anger” and etc…

Instead one should face oneself, that one feels hate more than love completely by his/her choice, be aware of that and ask for it to be change if so desired. Fishing for the underline cause is a loophole that never ends, wasting ones life by trying to find out how he/she behaves and why.