Friday, August 24, 2007


Words of sexual freedom forbidden
In utter numbness, hidden
Without it you wouldn't be risen
Strange things happened
When you smile it is accepted
When you laugh more the merrier
Free is one thing everyone agrees
Yet you speak a word of pleasure
Frown everyone be
Monks and priests
Shaved heads, beards ridden
Fantasy of utter weirdness
Sexual beings should be labeled sinners
Restricting oneself from what.. I wonder
Can't they see your flow of energy
The love between creatures
Love, Love not jealousy
Sex for others mistaken for all that you can be
Forgetting joy, the premiere of life in front of Thee
Bless can be found everywhere an eye can see
Don't matter if you are climbing a tree
Or in the labs of a being lovely
No reason to choose
When you can have it all, believe you me
This world has given you all to experience
Live this life you don't have an eternity
Your body now, a gift with nature temporarily
The oneness in all beings created equally
To be touched, felt, enjoyed, ultimately
We are children of God in the literal sense
Blessed may you be

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Struggle Within

Struggling within to find the light
Perhaps this is your choice
To be born or not
Yet, here and now flow
While time passes by
Who are you and who am I
Don't ponder for long
Do, be still
To find the answer
Open your eyes wide
Fly like an eagle in the sky
Life is yours to enjoy
No one will help you
but your own magnificence within
So what is next lies with
What happened at yesterday's end
Where are we going,
You and I are the reason
For all that happened and felt
Many times you dreamed
Wanting to do this and that
Help everyone, or simply forget
Now, is another chance you get
To change your dream
Better it until the last breath
And once every few hundred years
Thousands or millennium
Short in the universe time period
You finally wake up.
Sometimes with a kick
But you will always
Appreciate all the mishaps you did

Monday, August 20, 2007

I Pray For You

I Pray for you,
My brothers and sisters
I pray for you
I pray for all you've gone through
And ask, you follow the path
The path that brings you joy
I pray for you
This world seems with no end
Yet with closed eyes
Your light shines
I pray for you
Looking beyond
Looking now
When future melts with past
I pray for you
Freedom is your birth
Love, compassion is yours to get
You create with your thought
Infinite worlds forever with no end
Perhaps I saw you once
This life or perhaps another passed
I honor you and love you
To let you choose your path
I pray for you

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Come

Keep your distance
I'm not into what you may believe
Some will risk and come,
Others will run with relief
Soft words fallen
Like rain in the distance
Far, yet you believe
I may not know the words
Nor the meanings behind
But the rhyme has always been unique
Your hurt and pain
Your laughter when all went in vein
When the heart aches
With longing, the screaming has never been the same
Where are you my dear
Hidden like Shams when Rumi found him thought by luck
And like the moon, suddenly He disappeared
Come to me, you in the far
I see it in your eyes,
rare in the dessert sky
Come and risk it all
Just come