Friday, August 24, 2007


Words of sexual freedom forbidden
In utter numbness, hidden
Without it you wouldn't be risen
Strange things happened
When you smile it is accepted
When you laugh more the merrier
Free is one thing everyone agrees
Yet you speak a word of pleasure
Frown everyone be
Monks and priests
Shaved heads, beards ridden
Fantasy of utter weirdness
Sexual beings should be labeled sinners
Restricting oneself from what.. I wonder
Can't they see your flow of energy
The love between creatures
Love, Love not jealousy
Sex for others mistaken for all that you can be
Forgetting joy, the premiere of life in front of Thee
Bless can be found everywhere an eye can see
Don't matter if you are climbing a tree
Or in the labs of a being lovely
No reason to choose
When you can have it all, believe you me
This world has given you all to experience
Live this life you don't have an eternity
Your body now, a gift with nature temporarily
The oneness in all beings created equally
To be touched, felt, enjoyed, ultimately
We are children of God in the literal sense
Blessed may you be

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