Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just Come

Keep your distance
I'm not into what you may believe
Some will risk and come,
Others will run with relief
Soft words fallen
Like rain in the distance
Far, yet you believe
I may not know the words
Nor the meanings behind
But the rhyme has always been unique
Your hurt and pain
Your laughter when all went in vein
When the heart aches
With longing, the screaming has never been the same
Where are you my dear
Hidden like Shams when Rumi found him thought by luck
And like the moon, suddenly He disappeared
Come to me, you in the far
I see it in your eyes,
rare in the dessert sky
Come and risk it all
Just come

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Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

Hi there,
how are you? Long time no see. I don't know what was wrong with blogger but the comment page didn't load. Finally I can comment on your beautiful poems and tell you I loved them so much. And I'd be glad if you read my last update about my summer.

Take care,