Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Struggle Within

Struggling within to find the light
Perhaps this is your choice
To be born or not
Yet, here and now flow
While time passes by
Who are you and who am I
Don't ponder for long
Do, be still
To find the answer
Open your eyes wide
Fly like an eagle in the sky
Life is yours to enjoy
No one will help you
but your own magnificence within
So what is next lies with
What happened at yesterday's end
Where are we going,
You and I are the reason
For all that happened and felt
Many times you dreamed
Wanting to do this and that
Help everyone, or simply forget
Now, is another chance you get
To change your dream
Better it until the last breath
And once every few hundred years
Thousands or millennium
Short in the universe time period
You finally wake up.
Sometimes with a kick
But you will always
Appreciate all the mishaps you did

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