Friday, February 09, 2007

Meditation part II

This meditation is made to ensure you recharge your life force and simply to relax.

This involves a specific way of breathing by moving the Stomach instead of your chest. If you watch an infant on his back breathing during sleep you will find that his stomach goes up and down not his chest. However the ability to relax into this breathing habit gets reduced while we grow up. To relearn it, you can start by sitting on a chair straight with your feet apart and breath. While you breath-in push gently your stomach outward. At the beginning if may feel artificial but after few days it will start being a normal habit.

Now, for the energizing part, lay down without any pillow or anything to elevate your head, it is also advisable to cover your body. The cover of the body actually is advisable during any meditation. Because the relaxation opens up the pores of your skin and you may invite un-wanted energy or simply cold.

Now, make sure there is absolutely no noise (you can use ear-muff if you like), and envision the air going down while your stomach goes up (You can place your hands on your stomach to feel how it is going up and down), then envision the air leaving you while you breath out... that is it. If you find that you are so relaxed that you want to sleep, that is perfect but don't change position. Stay on your back with no pillow.

When the energy circulates the body very well, you will feel warm or hot air going into your can't mistake that when it happens. So keep noticing for that and if it does happen, just remain relaxed and keep the same concentration on the breath..

Usually I do this after the end of working day, I start the breathing and sometimes I feel the hot air and then end up snoozing for about 5 minutes, I get up once the body is filled just like a battery being charged and ready to continue an active afternoon..


Dareen said...

very very cool...I tried the breathing while feels different...and weird...but feels like I'm breathing more healthy...I remember discussing this with a friend briefly a while back...but totally forgot about it...I guess I'm not used to it cuz personal trainers always say to keep your stomach always sucked it to help tone your abdominal muscles :S So, I'm used to that....hahahah..I'd rather geopordize my comfort and relaxation to have a flat stomache...yeah that really makes sense eh??? hahaha...girls...bala mukh!! :D

thanks for this post :) enjoyed it very much...keep them coming!!

Mone said...

Glad you like it Dareen...wrote it with you in mind :)
The relaxation is really important in all the meditations, and trust me it won't affect your beautiful tummy :) just keep eating healthy and exercise :)