Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Univeral Law to take an advantage of

What you resist persist

      What you look at disappears

Donald Walsch, Conversations With God


Dareen said...

that is sooo true!

That quote proves itself right every day! What u push away almost always comes back to u...and what you run after so desperately, always runs away! :)

Mone said...

Yes, this universe will give you what you are asking for, and if one thinks he s miserable, the universe will just give him/her that wish.

It doesn't mean we don't voice our sadness, but to dwell in it and blame everyone about it is not positive.

The problem is our society enjoys misery, people love to hear about miseries, but if someone is truly happy it makes them envy and they say he is a mad man...the result people sink in their misery and help each other being more and more miserable...
Christ, for example was happy and never blamed anyone for the failure at that time for his message, and he had love in his heart all the time.
In an interview, Sami Yusuf talks about profit Mohammad. One story was that one Bedouin came to the mosque and started urinating, people jumped to beat him up but the profit asked them to wait until he is done, then ordered them to go wash the place and he went and explained to the man that this is a place of prayer.

ahh, I m talking too much and went off topic, but we just don't learn positive things from these people, they showed us the universe laws and we just flipped it all out...perhaps it is time now at this day and age to relearn everything...