Thursday, March 29, 2007

Islam The Religion Of Love

It was 5 o'clock in the morning, thoughts and images flooding my mind, gotta write this before I forget...Why and what brought these ideas? I don't know. Nevertheless it is interesting to just write them down.

Love manifests itself in Islam ALL OVER.

Here are few examples:

1) The first and oddly so, The form of burial
Body gets washed like you are going to a wedding, isn't that amazing?
The body gets wrapped in cotton sheets full of nice fragrance. Why so?
It is because of our appreciation and Love for this vehicle, the body, that took us for this ride on planet earth. Without it how can we experience what we have experienced.
The body is buried humbly with love and gratitude back to mother earth.
If we are so grateful for the dead body, imagine how much we should be honoring our own bodies while we are alive? We really need to do that. Eat proper, maybe Organic food, control our feelings and state of mind, aim to be happy, exercise well and above all love ourselves and accept our physics.

2) All prayers in Islam start with Gratitude
Have you seen the movie "The Secret"? The first thing you have to do before you form any desire toward the universe is to be grateful.
In Islam, the first thing is "Alhamdulelah"; Thank you god.

3) The profit muhammed was humble and kind, his voice was so soft that in the prayer when he preached there was always one next to him to shout the words to the crowd.

4) Salam is a form of salutation. It means Peace. When you meet someone you say peace and when you leave you say peace. You can also be more lengthy and say Salam U Alaikum, Peace be upon you..

The time where Islam is considered a harsh religion, an unjust religion, a violent religion, this time is gone. The sheikhs (priests) who are teaching thousands years old interpretations need to reconsider. Islam is love manifested. This is the way to the divine. Like I talked about before. There are 2 ways to the divine through your heart and through your mind. Through the mind is a technique mastered by calming the mind down and with great focus achieving amazing tranquility and thus leaving the brain ready to receive divine energy, this technique assumes you are the only one that exists until everything else dissolve in you. Islam's technique is through the heart, you only have love and gratitude, you no longer exist only god does, thus dissolving slowly in god's energy. This can be very clear in the writing of Rumi.

Later after these thoughts, I went to sleep again, I saw a dream where I was in a Synagogue. I asked the people there where do you guys pray, they told me right here pointing forward. I looked and there was this big hall with beautiful coverings on the wall. I said thanks and they replied with words I didn't understand, perhaps thank you in their language (I just remember it starts with the letter S). I took one incense and went and sat there on a wooden bench, it is exactly the same feeling, people here are happy and full of gratitude just like anywhere of worship. Another thing I noticed, some words are similar, Arabic like, even the writing I could distinguish some Arabic fonts, we are from the same origin, it is just so obvious I could touch it! I just love these people like my own, in fact they are! We are all one, same origin, same taste, same approach to the divine..we need to be one again, love each other again and share again..The incense was placed on my side and as it disappeared my dream disappeared with it...


Lirun said...


clearly a dream..

we dont use incense and synagogues are not ornate.. nor are they holy or special.. they can appear anywhere and they can be removed.. just as you saw when we pulled out of gaza..

the word you are thinking of was probably a blurred version of shukran because in hebrew

thank you is toda and your welcome is

ein bead ma
al lo davar

or a bunch of slang versions that today even include

sababa :)

our font - unlike yours is not connected.. each letter stands alone..

but yes we have many many many common streams.. many similarities..

i agree - there is no real reason that we should not get along..

Dareen said...

good post mone...

I think everyone in this world can get along if they put their differences in faith or outlook aside. I've said this before somewhere and I'll say it again, religion is something that should be kept between a person and God...and that is the best place it should be kept. No reason to impose things on each his own!


Mone said...

well bevakasha Lirun..
We don't use incense either in the mosque, I think it is symbolic... The comment I got back was more like Sababa, but it was 2 parts...I m sure there is something of that, I ll try google..
Anyways it is time to find similarities not differences, we need to dig them if we have to. Not only in ME but religions across the globe. But in the ME, all main 3 religions are originated from the same part of the world and carry many particular the way to reach the divine..

Mone said...

you know Dareen, the reason for that is the current manifestation of religion. It is one of imprisonment not of freedom, one of being "the better religion" not a different taste, being one of "my people" rather than "our people" being one who remember Hell, Samsara, Karam, rather than enjoy life to the fullest..and think of Heaven, Nirvana..
We need to change our understanding of religion. Religions is absolute joy and freedom, freedom when you go out running, joy when you wash your car, joy when you have intimate relationship, joy when your team scores in basketball, freedom when you decide to scream outloud, joy of helping a man or woman on the street, freedom to take the job you want.

God is Joy
God is freedom!
God doesn't exit anywhere out there
God exist inside you
You and me are part of God
We are that!

Dareen said...

kalam 7ilu :)

Mone said...

wa inte a7la :) wa your words lift my spirit too :D

Mone said...

Lirun, I m just looking up the the two alphabets and comparing them
there are soooooo many similarities man, yes yours are disconnected alphabet, but why you are looking at differences? the alphabet letters themselves share many similarities, and naturally they do because they are from the same origin!!
I will gather more info and post soon..
(Also the Thanks I heard could be the Sababa you r mentioning here!)

sweetscentofbeirut said...


I remember asking my dad about what that word meant.I heard it in a song.It was called moghram sababa.

Mone said...

isn't that interesting that you know that and remember it till now? Thank you SweetScent

Dareen said...

:) thanks mone! I'm glad 3andi haik ta2seer on people ;)

sweetscentofbeirut said...

It was not too long ago actually.
And I didnt undertand the way he explained it to me.Every so often I wonder about that word.

The song was by Pamela if you were curious :D heeehe

Mone said...

Pamela Anderson?

sweetscentofbeirut said...

tssk tssk....
yiiiiiiiii hahhhaa heeehee hooooo
huuhuu hiiiiii hh..

Anjad you are the funniest person alive!

No mish Pamela Anderson! Pamela Anderson woudn't sing a song called moghram sababa.She makes me throw up.

There is a lebanese singer and her name is Pamela.

Mone ikteer mahdoum il youm ;)

Mone said...

lol..maybe inadvertently so :)

sweetscentofbeirut said...

No you really are!

Dont underestimate youur unique humor :D

Mone said... is good to have friends like that :D

sweetscentofbeirut said...

Thanks Mone

anjad khajalitni

tayib lazim roo7 hala2 mnehki bookra :D


Lirun said...

i thought i said

"but yes we have many many many common streams.. many similarities.."

dude.. i focus on the common all the time..

you always get so narky school teacher with me


Lirun said...

happy passover!

Mone said...

I m too exited these days and sometimes it shows as little aggressiveness, I want people to Jump from good news and not sounds dead (not necessarily you ;), the problem too is writing sometimes doesn't show excitement and I have to remember that.. but it s all good..what I meant to say is you wrote about the common things after you went on explaining that the S is not related to thank you although in the slang you found one later...then again, you related that the alphabetic is not connected (difference) although the alphabet itself is very similar(Same origin)..

I had a sheet of how languages in ME varied through the ages, I will try to find it and scan it.