Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Open Invitation

Suddenly you get hit with a peaceful wave
Rumbling through your being
Caressing your self
The answer is clear
Don't search for god
Search for your self
Your identity may not be what you attempt
My friend in journey
I am thrilled to have you with me
Let us go for a drink
The river is close by
Swim or drink to your fullest
The river is always here
Our journey may not last
What is important is to find the key
The door is there for all to see
Thousands paths and only one
Find it alone or with help of a friend
Angles and gods I haven't seen
Only with closed eyes
I came close
No tools required much
Open your inner eyes
Experience you won't believe
Only Then Speak
With love, appreciation and respect
Join me on my quest
For You and I may just be grand one


Lirun said...
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Mone said...

The illusion we r living..

Krys said...

"Thousands paths and only one
Find it alone or with help of a friend"

Two conditions required:
1.The will to find the only path.
2.The deliberate seek for the help of a friend.