Thursday, January 11, 2007

Death, a new beginning or a dead-end?

One says
Life ends
you loose everything you've got
All your money
Your partner and all that good sex
what you painted and what you wrote
What you learned and what you taught
Your ambitions and your dreams
All gone
In a blink of an eye
Nothing, simple darkness
Dissolved forever
Like a leaf
And leafs fall
Sooner or later
You will die forever
And be forgotten
This is happening all around you
Nothing lasts forever
Everything that is born dies
Don't be a fool
One day your eyes will close
Pitch darkness waiting for you
To suck you down
Somewhere where no one knows
Yet another says
Death is a beginning
A new life
Decisions to make
New planning to take place
Material ambitions don't matter
In that unseen word
Your true self shines better
If you haven't figured it out
New birth you will get
To see and experience all again
For as long as you want
What was it you admired last time around
Did you love that blond
The rough sex on the beach
The taste of beer
Taste of everything sweet
Life is all yours
Use it or abuse it
You are completely free
Run and scream
Open your arms
Breath all the air you need
Live and don't worry about death
Laugh even when you take your last sigh
Soon after you close your eyes
You will be glad
Your body will no longer matter
Two scenarios
Both are true
Or so it seems
Another decision to make my dear
Do I know
Hell, No
I am a simple man
Or at least
Trying to be


Krys said...

What will happen to our blogs when we die?????

Mone said... are complicating it even
I guess once one stops blogging the rest know he/she is dead :|

nightS said...