Friday, January 12, 2007

100 Words Formula For All Of Life

Hope is the doorway to belief, is the
Doorway to knowing,
knowing is the doorway to
creation and Creation is the doorway to

Experience is the doorway to expression,
expression is the doorway to becoming,
becoming is the activity of all of life and the
only function of god

What you hope, you will eventually believe,
what you believe you will eventually know,
what you know, you will eventually create,
what you create, youwill eventually

experience, What you eventually experience, you will
eventually express, what you express you will
eventually become.

This is the formual for all of life.

"Home with God" - Neale Donald Walsch


S.Hamid said...

Nice words ..!

Krys said...

Hope and experience are the keywords!
Dunno why but the pic is fascinating me...must be the red!!

Mone said...

Thanks amid,
I love the red too Krys :)