Thursday, December 28, 2006

Remembrance Of A Monk

My passport should be returned to the Japanese authorities, and the report of my death should be made lawfully. I am a man without a country but, after all, the law is the law. I am a homeless monk, therefore there is nothing to be left to anyone.
Remember me as a monk, and nothing else. I do not belong to any sect or cathedral. None of them should send me a promoted priest's rank or anything of that sort. I like to be free from such trash and die happily.

Nyogen Senzaki- Zen Monk


Mirvat said...

i just discovered this other blog of yours. i had a link for your poem blog before. you're confusing me. i guess this should be it. i'll check it out.

Mone said...

:) I have 2 blogs, one I call Nice and Slow (this one) and the other one I call it hard and fast where I throw harder stuff like the 9/11, politics, Health issues in general and other stuff...