Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Changing Of Self

"Outer circumstances don't need so much effort to be changed but
the inner lethargy is centuries old. The unconsciousness is so primitive, its roots are so deep, that it needs a total determination
on your part, a tremendous determination, a commitment, a deep involvement. You have to risk all. Unless that happens it is
impossible to change yourself, you will remain the same."



Krys said...

The changes in an individual’s perspective and attitudes towards situations, surroundings and, therefore transformations in themselves, are brought on by external influences, usually in the form of a person or an event

Change is a process everyone experiences throughout his/her lifetime. Change can alter a way of life either in a good way or a bad way depending on how you approach it.
It is beneficial if we view it in a positive way and show acceptance.

Zee said...

Yes, that statement sounds right in my ears.

Ompapa said...

I live in the air
I stir in the wind
I have not a care
I know of no sin

My heart is as pure
As the rain in the cloud
No one calls me sir
My thunder is loud

My whisper says I'm you
Your tears are as mine
Your heart knows it's true
For love is Our sign

Mone said...

Hi Ompapa....Nice to see you here :)