Friday, April 13, 2007

What is the most important thing you've got?

I woke up early couple of days ago, around 4:30, my mind was heavy with great buzz. The question was clear, what is the most important thing you've got? What is it? is it God? what do you know of God? Have you seen him? For you God is a Mythology, a theory, a belief system, a word you flip it and becomes Dog! You are trained to seek God but what do you have Now that you most value and experience? Not tomorrow not after a week, NOW!

Is it your job? your money? your family? your desires? your seeking? All these are nothing but contemporary existence of your choosing, sooner or later reality will change and the lake will be calm.

The only thing you ever had and will always your Freedom...
You are a free being,
Experience this freedom till the last drop,
It is who you really are,
Free to laugh,
Free to cry,
Free to be happy or choose to feel sad,
Scream it out, Shatter the misery myth,
Live it out without any hesitation,
You are a free being and your essence is made of free stuff
Don't settle for anything less
Cherish it,
Preserve it,
Guard it with all you've got
And when you fully experience this
Remember, it is like a labyrinth
In a way it is an intrigue
In another it is forever
But expand it more
And know more
For that
Is your


sweetscentofbeirut said...

I like it.Very nice!

sweetscentofbeirut said...

The freedom to choose between right and wrong.But without God we wouldn't have freeom

Mone said...

And maybe...without freedom there would be no God..

Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

It was a nice post and made me think a lot. Ofcourse I disagree with what you've said in some points.


Mone said...

certainly we can disagree Maryam, that what keep life more interesting.. :)