Sunday, April 01, 2007

The myth of tolerance

In today's' society's, societies pride themselves on being "tolerant" to each other.

In Christian countries, Christians should be Tolerant to Muslims, in Muslim societies Muslims should be tolerant to Christians and Jews, in Jews societies the Jews should be tolerant to Palestinians, on the other side the Palestinians should be Tolerant to Jews... Do you see the problem??
Each one of these groups feel superior to the other therefore, they need to tolerate them.

I remember being asked when I first came to Canada, are you guys tolerant to Jews and Christians? I never expected this kind of question! My best friend is Christian and he works in a Jews area, trading with them all the time. We never paused and thought, let s be "tolerant" to each other! Because WE ARE each other. We know the paths are different, but that what adds flavour to life.

People shouldn't be "Tolerant" to each others, they should BE each other. No one is superior to anyone else. Your religion is your decision. As long you are happy and I am happy, that is really all that matters.


Lirun said...

i sort of know what you mean..

and i agree but i disagree.. no hang on i frikkin agree totally..

i had dinner tonight with a lovely belgian family.. so full of values:

eat healthy

dont waste food

dont be arrogant

russians are arrogant

turks have disgusting deserts

americans are foul


so there i was listening to these biggots slag the world and talk about people's arrogance and i was contemplating my options..

i decided to finally say something..

"those particular turkish deserts you are referring to are called baklawa.. my family makes them too..

you dont carve yourself a slice the size of a belgian waffle but rather you take small pieces and enjoy them as a delicacy.. admiring their intense flavour and accute sugariness..

eating baklawa is an art.. best undertaken wth either some turkish coffee - another art - or with some strong spearmint tea that includes other herbs and spices.."

they looked at me like they had just taken one long stare in the mirror and not really appreciated the view..

and i thought how intolerant and arrogant..

but you are correct.. its not about that.. we are each the other.. at the attitudal level it has no more to do with tolerance than it does with self respect..

Mone said...

Thanks for stepping up to these people, most people would just play along even when they disagree!

It is unfortunate, many people feel superior for many different reasons, it could be religious believe (their god is better) or just a little knowledge they picked up..

Maryam Ahmadzadeh said...

I came across your blog just by chance and I really loved it. Especially this post. I also got to know some of your friends' blogs. They were so nice too. I will visit your blog for new things. I just have two questions.
1. Where are you from?
2. Have you said these nice poems?
It would be very kind of you to answer me and to visit my blog.


Mone said...

Hi Maryam,
1. I am from planet earth currently in Canada :)
2. Yes these poems are mine :)

I will check out your blog too..take care :)