Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ishaya Meditation..another form of meditation

I just got a CD from a friend of mine (Thank you Yasmin!) .
The CD was handed to me by someone in a church where I go for another type of meditations Created by Osho.

The representative who handed the CD to me asked me, why do you need that? don't you do your own form of meditation?

Another misunderstanding people have about meditation...

Not only do I participate in Osho type of meditations but I participate in Muslim Sufi type Meditation, Traditional Muslim type meditation, Buddhist type meditation, Kundalini type meditation, Sahaja Yoga type meditation and many others...In fact there is a form of meditation that is mostly formed of just dancing. You get so absorbed with the dance that it makes no difference if you were sitting idle or moving.

The job or the essence of meditation is to go that "space"... that blissful state of be here in the the now!

In fact once you participate in any form of meditation with the right understanding for long time, you can easily understand other types of meditations. If you do and still don't understand this point, you got a looong way to go.

This actually relates to one post I wrote earlier (The Game the continuos search of perfection). There is NO specific Best Technique. The street fighter knows that pretty well. In meditation it is exactly the same. Once you reach that "space" it is all you want, how you get there, it s not important, it is just a form of entertainment :)

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