Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Wizard and The Love Circles

In his way, he took out a tree branch and with it he started drawing in the sand a circle within bigger, then within bigger one until several were drawn, then he drew an outside circle and again several bigger circles around the smaller ones, when the wizard was done, there was a scene similar when several small rocks are thrown into a lake… Toto was passing by, he sat next to the wizard and the following conversation tool place:

Toto..: Good morning it is a beautiful sun rise

Wizard.: I see you are in good mood.
yes… I am… I feel very good.
That is the problem…
Why master?
Would you find the scene beautiful if the sun hurt your eyes? Or caused you pain? Would still feel the same?
I think not.
That is the problem…. (Looking at the sand again)…
I am completely lost…
Yes, you are… but so are many.
Can you help me understand?
It is about love...
As usual… but what s wrong with what I said…?
When you love you start from where you are going out.. then and only then you should change territories.
I think I need more hints…
How many people have you met that are happy with other people, but with their own they’re not, how many changed their mother tongue and are only proud of their new language, how many take on a new religion and make fun of the their previous one… how many ?
Most did one or more of this…
love, my dear one, is born with you, no differentiation of who and what part of the universe you happen to be… you must learn how to love that first…Then you can go on loving others.
And when that doesn’t happen…?
your whole life becomes seeking a mirage... something unreal... waste of time..
But I know many who don’t like their roommates, brothers who can’t stand each others, husbands and wives that have different paths, countries that have rulers that destroyed them and forced their people to leave… if all these people remained together because one need to love another.. There will be much more suffering in this world.
I never said that they should remain where they are, but when they decide to leave, love should always remain.
I understand…
This is the rule of the universe… it is called “The circles of love”
Oh… what you were drawing in the sand
I see… isolated circles all around, and within them there is other circles, we are born in the central of one of these circles, and each one have many circles around him…
And your mission in this game is to cover all the circles… starting from your own, expanding outward, when all your circles are completed only then you should jump to another and another until you become every circle that was ever drawn.

Toto felt a rush of love in his heart, thanked the wizard, and left walking on the sand next to the circles…he thought to himself, he was all over the place covered few circles here and there, his first mistake was he jumped from his circles to others without completing his own first… Oh.. how much suffering this brought about… but now he understands.. now he understands.

The wizard looked at Toto with tears in his eyes, then stood up, wiped out all the circles and looked lovingly at the sun.


Ania said...

Very nice Mounir :-)

Mone said...

Thank u sweety :)