Monday, October 01, 2007

Saying Good Bye

How many times she asked
How many times he answered
How many times they let alone
Their feelings after
How many of her smiles he remembers
Her voice still echos
In his ears laughter
Does love really exist
She asked
What can he say
The heart can only answer
When you see a lover, stop searching
He maybe counting leafs
Or standing naked on the beach
Looking for an answer
When you find a lover
Ask him for the secret pouch
For the magic potion
And accept a smile in wonder
Perhaps money can buy
Pay for that you ask
The heart knows not
The meaning of danger
Even the sunset is different now
The moon looks sad
The clouds higher
And the birds
Forever gone
She wanted to say her last good byes
A moment short for all the eternity
Together they smiled one more time
Perhaps it wasn't meant to be
Perhaps the taste of wine
On her lips was meant
For another


sweetscentofbeirut said...

What is the difference between real love, true love, and illusional love?

Lirun said...

dude look at the blogsite on my profile to do with pens of passion..

might interest you to join..

even though you have a pretty good thing going for you right here..

Mone said...

Thanks Lirun, that is a nice blog you mentioned, I ll be checking it.. btw, what happened to your own blog, it is not on the list under your profile anymore..

Mone said...

The difference can't be told, it's only felt... in the heart..

Dareen said...

Beautiful poem :)

I want to comment more...but the words are just not coming out :S

Many thoughts are going through my mind...but I can't seem to type them!

Mone said...

Thanks Dareen...
I think I know exactly what you mean without using words :)