Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Dancing Circle

Your hope is close or far if you may
there are countless ways
You don't need to be
A Muslim nor Jew
Nor a Christian
Or a bamboo
You don't need to be
Buddhist nor a monk
nor a preacher
in the dark
Come I will show you
How to count, No...
Not your blessings
But your grunts
Take my hand and let us dance
The air around us is waiting
The music has been too loud
Only if you take my hand
You will be able to see
What you call a self
But alas you keep
Going around in
Circles like
a nut
Two circles
Three and Four
How many more you will learn
The circle doesn't rotate
Only in the middle
When What or How
No..Don't ask!
Just take
my hand


sweet scent said...

You sure love to dance Mone! I have been wondering for the longest time.Who is that lady in the picture with you, if you dont mind me asking.

Mone said...

lol, I ll make u wonder some more :D :D

sweetscentofbeirut said...

I think she is either your wife or sister.

Dareen said...

shu sarlak mone?? min wain tuli33 all this????

u ok?? :D

Mone said...

I m glad u like it Dareen :)
Sweetscent, you are 50% right :P