Monday, May 21, 2007

The Magic Table

"As the sun simmers with heat
You will find treasures underneath"
The message was clear
It came to him as he laid down
Head on the center, hands open
on the big magic table
He shared his message
And from that day
Every time his son played the violin
The table gave him one dollar to many
Years passed
Who knows how many more
The table will give
Until the day truth to his son will be hissed
Mysteries and fairy tales
We live them everyday
Play with your past
Laugh at all the details
How can all be shown
The infinite sea can't stop its flow
You will die once you are bored
To come back as a child playing with baby dolls
Until then, here is one fairy I was told

"Open your arms wide, stretch to the floor
And when your prayers are answered, thank the day you are born"


sweetscentofbeirut said...

gorgeous poem

so free

so light hearted

so elated

so jubilant

so innocent

Mone said...

these nice words describe my feeling when I wrote the poem :)