Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What is love.. the wizard asks

The wizard asked his dispels
What does love mean to you?
How do you know you are in love?
Such simple question
Everyone had an answer
Knowing deep inside
A mystery will be soon told
"Love is when you scarify
Your life without any regret"
"Love is when you talk
Of children playing in the park"
"Is it love to others?"
One disciple needed to know
"Or is it the unconditional kind?"
"Then what is a love to a woman?
"Isn't that a different kind of romance?"
When everyone quieted down
And noise was no longer around
The wizard stood up
Glowing in full delight
Love to a flower
Is the love to a flower
Don’t mix...
When you look at a yellow flower
See the rainbow in its petals
And know very well
They are smiling
Back at you
When you smell a Jasmine
Know it is the only thing that ever existed
Without it your life will be meaningless
Know that in in your heart
When you love a woman
Patiently find every cell
Worship every part
Everything is made for you
The lashes on her eyes
The pimples on her cheek
Touch her
Knowing you are closest to god
Than any human being
Her softness is what you were created to see
Her lips are what made you be
Talk to her hair
They have the divine secrets
Draw on golden plate
Her breast
And hide it away from every envious eye
What can I tell you more, my friend...
What can I tell you
My heart is melting
My tongue is heavy
All that is remain to say
Has no meaningful purpose
Know and search for your love
For that is your purpose
Blend in its magnificent water fall
Nearing the bottom
You will then realize
When you forget your question
The answer will be found

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