Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The warrior and the flower

The warriors rode their horses
Sped across the desert
Fearing no one

Storming against the wind
Moving from town to town
Restless, pointing their swords
Fearless, lashing against the sky

One Day, one early morning
They went across the desert one more time
But once they got to a pond
One warrior suddenly stopped

It was the same pond
In the middle of the desert
That no one cared about

In the middle of the pond there was a flower
A purple flower he never noticed before
He stared at it in wonderment
Wandering how come he crossed the desert so many times
Passing beside it so many moon nights

His friends started calling him
Yelling and screaming

But he heard no one
Nothing, expect the wind
Passing through his long hair
Whispering music in his ears
He laughed and cried
And wiped his tears away

At last His friends left him behind
Thinking their friend went insane

Slowly he sat on the ground in humiliation and love
Asking forgiveness
From the flower, the pond, the wind
From the sky, the moon and the sand

Many days passed by
And his friends crossed the desert again
Once they got to the pond they remembered their friend
They stopped, looked and searched
But all they found was his cloth on the ground

They didn’t understand
And they roamed the desert leaving the pond behind

Few of them noticed, however
That there was another purple flower
Beside the one that was there
Looking up in wonderment, humiliation and love.

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