Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Case you ask

You asked
How much I love you
And I say
My love for you, my love
Blocks the sun rays
My love for you
Is louder than thunder
And softer than falling rain
My love for you
Is stronger than a sharpened blade
And weaker than flower scent
I told everyone your name
I started with the sea
And I finished with the farthest stars
I could see
I told everyone about your eyes
I swore to them by your long hair
I told them you are there
In the songs of every bird
In the sunshine and in the rain
In the smile of every child
In the dance of every lotus flower
In the tears of every sailing wave
How can I tell you more
All words fall short
Of what I want to say
I can only blame my pen
The languages
The short journey of myself
I will only say
To love you is to live
To love you is to laugh
To love you is to forgive
To love you is to dance in the rain
To Love you is to talk about you
Until everyone hears
Until everyone learns
Until the last sigh
Until the last breath


Chloe said...

maybe more beautiful :)

Mone said...