Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Climax of self

She whispered silently
no one could hear
Although He was many miles
Her whisper in his ear clear
She asked for help
Only He can heal
Come..come to me
I need you here
He has no secret knowledge
No real power
No Magic carpet
To fly him near
This is a language known only to lovers
This is the secret of all secrets my dears
When time looses its essence
And all the birds fly in perfect harmony
Oblivious to any storm, only need to be free
How they met
Is still a mystery to this day
But everyone knew, at night
They melted in the fire of their love
Becoming one for night so brief
The two souls merged together
As their flesh became one
They were making a new legend today
New world, Harmony and peace
His touch was the wind flowers seek
Her body became a music instrument
A flute for his lips
Hungry but not fierce
Her cry was music the whole world could hear
Sending shivers to the spine of their eternity
Exploding with passion
Turning into fire, storms no one could bare
Let your long hair flow tonight
Cover me like leafs cover the trees
Cover me my dear
Forever is now, don't resist temptation so real
I have become addicted
Completely intoxicated with your beauty
Turn, let me see
This angle, no that one
Each one a precious painting
In one night, what can one archive?

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