Monday, October 30, 2006

Sex and Religion

Have you noticed most religions are against sex one way or another.. we grow up thinking sex is bad, always related to something that is not good. It s good only when we are bound by religion contract (marriage).

First sex itself, is absolute necessity to life. like the flower that blossoms a blue sky that marries the clouds, river flowing..and so on. So restricting it is against nature. In my opinion even restricting it with partners is also against nature. To be with one partner is absolutely fine, but should not be a religion nor an ethical choice, it is simply a choice done out of freedom. This leads naturally to speak of freedom...

Everything done out of freedom and joy is what nature intended it to be... Joy is your key to freedom and freedom is your key to is a multifaceted key..Once you are free, you can't do anything wrong. Misery is a human concept we love to attach to. We do things and get stuck to things that give us misery. Even we feel somehow guilty when we are too joyous and we may hide our joy from others.

The joy feeling is not restricted to anything... being joyful is your utmost right in is who you really are and what you intend to grow is your ultimate goal...regardless if there are misery around you or not.

Sex itself is an expression of Joy... a special blossom of s the joy that can be shared the regular circumstances where sex is done through is one gift of the universe to us

All current religions understood this wrong. I am very confident of that. They all think the ultimate point is way in the future.
Muslim Jews and Christians have the target in heaven while eastern religions the target is Nirvana or not to reincarnate. What you are left with is many rules of don't and dos so that you end up in that most joyful place...
The most problematic face with this school of thought is that it s the future where joy lies.. in fact it is the opposite.. Joy is here in this second, and the only way to get there is by being completely free, and when you are completely free, nothing you will do can hurt others or cause in peace and having understanding and ethics between people is a by-product of being free not the target.

Sex and Women control by religion: First women, in my opinion, are much more free in sex, they are not tied to an objective as men are (ejaculation). Man is racing to that point where women are just enjoying every moment, in fact after they reach orgasim the party starts. So religion is afraid of freedom and thus afraid of women as well. Religion being controlled mostly by men are afraid of women's freedom..The women always are much more powerful in the bedroom turning men to do anything for that peice of ass if you like to think of it this better control them, control the situation, control their families and put lots of fear in their minds so that they can also control their children..


Chloe said...

very well said mone.

Mone said...

Thanks Chloe :)

Emily said...

Youre a genious. I think you read my mind.

Anonymous said...

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