Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Freeing you

If god was a Pot
And I was too
Would that make us both two?
Everything seems to be connected
Yet so strangely
Isolated in between
You.. The universe
I am talking to you today
I am talking to your essence within
I am shouting her name
Can't you hear?
Why the trees can't speak?
Why can't they bring her to me?
I have asked
For so many days and nights
Yet not even
A strand of her hair
Was carried to me
I played every music note
I sang every magic theme
Yet you ignored her cries
and pleads
I will repeat my question to you
Until you hear
I will fight every soldier you have
Until you open your eyes and see
Open your prison door
Let her escape your iron doors
I will keep asking
Until you release her to me

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