Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The point of let go

Two souls meetings on different grounds
beside the tree next to the fire
They did not ask names
only her hair found place in his lantern
How beautiful, how real
Their shadows drawing one painting
On canvas meshed with desire
As his hand touches her silky body
He realized how lucky to be there
Next to her
Feeling her
Smelling her
Eating her
You are mine, He said
She looked at him with a smile
Without any response
Breathless, in her own heaven
She let her arms spread, carelessly
Her eyes lit with spark with no comprehension
Sweat mixed
As the universe expanded uncontrollably
With burst of laughter and cries
She let go of all her worries
And let her climax cover every inch of her body
Shivering undeniably
What a man can do
When faced with such a beauty
When his prayers are meet
Not by god but an instant release of her fragrance
What a man can do
When faced with such a desire
Surpassing anything he could have wished for
Turning love into physical purity
When beginnings have no ends
The point of letting go is timeless
That point of melting defies logic
Even time stops then
Her relaxed legs still wrapped around him
His tired body still covering her
Rolling slowly
For one more
one more


Emily said...

Gorgeous. A few typos but written fabulously. Just racy enough but not too severe. 5 thumbs up [cause I'm just that cool ;D]

Zee said...

Bliss ... very nice!