Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Come

You.. ahead
Sit with me
I'd like to know you more
Before it is too late
What you're asking for is irrelevant
I ll tell you the secret
To your life and the next
Come with me
You ve been asking
Yet you're here
In your current form
blood and bones
It is irrelevant
what is important
is this cup of tea before us,
come with me
The search is here
Yourself exists in them
And them in you
Just come
Follow the hand that points to the heart
Touch that hand and kiss it
Before it leaves
In your heart is your circle
Your own family, your friends
Me and you when we meet
Forming another circle, just come
What you want exists right here
before your eyes now
In your children's eyes
In your wife's smile
In your parents
Your friends
Anything postponing your joy is a lie
Anything separating you is a lie
Count the minutes you're living
Not the minutes to your death
Buddha was right when he said
What hurt most is your tongue
Mohammad was right when he said
Take care of your parents
Heaven lies underneath mothers' feet
Be loyal to your friends,
Hence the holy grail
Jesus would say
Be there, respect them with love
And be free

1 comment:

sweetscentofbeirut said...

I love the various quotations from the different religions.

It just comes to show that relgion is universal because all religions preach respect and peace.Our differences are alot smaller than we actually realize.