Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Final Countdown

Do I have to be apart from you to appreciate you
Do I have to be apart from you to know
Do I have to be apart from you ever more
When is the time to come back
When does the destiny end
Forgetting we were ever saparate
On the edges of the running river
I tried to hold on to its banks
Not knowing my destiny the river mask
I tried to grap to passing pleasures
The sweet grapes were so tempting to try
How could I ever know
who is there to guide
A silent voice whispers
The ocean is deep enough
To take all who reach
Come back
Come back my love

Come back
Come back fast
This secret is never releaved
Only told in fashion poetry
For how far the journey last
For now, nothing is brighter than your light
From now the countdown finally starts


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